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This review of Mobile Education Store’s ConversationBuilderTeen Conversation App was written by Hellen Wagner.  Helen writes for Technology in Education, one of the premier websites for special education apps.  They have done a wonderful job with their site.  As we all know, there are thousands of education apps and it is becoming difficult to find anything on iTunes.  One of the best features of this website is its “apps by IEP goals” list.  It’s simple and very easy to find the apps you are looking for on this list.

Helen’s review is very easy to follow.  She starts off with an overall impression and then rates the app for 8 different criteria.  Then she categorizes the app by general skill, IEP goal, and age group.  You could stop reading right there and have a pretty good idea whether this app was a good fit for you!  She doesn’t stop there though.  She includes many images and a detailed description of how the apps works.

ConversationBuilder Teen is a virtual conversation simulator for teenaged kids.  It is designed to help them practice how to have conversations with their peers in a non-threatening way.  Students record their half of the conversation and listen to the other half.  Once the conversation is finished, we interlace the student recordings with the pre-recorded peer responses to form a complete conversation.  The students then can hear themselves have a conversation with a peer as it is supposed to sound.  Not only is this incredibly motivating for the students, but it teaches them the basics of pragmatic language in a way that they can rapidly understand.  We cover all the normal teen obsessions such as sports, popular entertainment and school, but we also cover all the uncomfortable things that teens talk about too.  There are conversations about bullying, peer pressure, sarcasm and relationships.  There are over 300 conversations broken into eight major themes.

ConversationBuilder Teen is a part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of education apps.   MES was named App Developer of the Year by two review sites in 2011 and has won over 20 app awards.

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