Review of ConversationBuilder Social Skills App

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This is a nice review of our ConversationBuilder social skills app.  This review was done by mother-daughter team of SLP’s.  Their blog, Speech Ladies, was recently named one of the best speech pathology blogs of 2012.  There are a lot of really good review on app and products, as well as tips.  Check it out!

ConversationBuilder is a virtual conversation simulator for kids.  It is designed to help kids practice how to have conversations with their peers in a non-threatening way.  Students record their half of the conversation and listen to the other half.  The student’s name and interests are interwoven into the conversations to personalize them.  Once the conversation is finished, we interlace the student recordings with the pre-recorded peer responses to form a complete conversation.  The students then can hear themselves have a conversation with a peer as it is supposed to sound.  Not only is this incredibly motivating for the students, but it teaches them the basics of pragmatic language in a way that they can rapidly understand.

ConversationBuilder is a part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of education apps.  ConversationBuilder has won four app awards while MES was named App Developer of the Year by two review sites in 2011.

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ConversationBuilder social skills app