Rainbow Sentences Review by iHeartThisApp.com

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This is a nice review of our Rainbow Sentences grammar app by iHeartThisApp.com.  From the sounds of it, the reviewer really put Rainbow Sentences through some intense use with multiple students.  The author writes:

Rainbow Sentences was created by Mobile Education Store, the same developer who created Sentence Builder. The difference between these two apps is that Sentence Builder puts more emphasis on word selection while Rainbow Sentences focuses on the role the word plays and its part of speech in the sentence. The apps make a nice complement to each other and the different approaches provide a nice change of pace that helped keep my daughter’s interest.

Rainbow Sentences is a “download and play” app with very little learning curve or set-up required from the user. The color-coding is intuitive for students, and the recording option not only motivates my daughter, but it also gives her practice speaking.

The app worked flawlessly, with no technical bugs encountered during several intensive testing sessions.

To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and purchase it on iTunes, tap on the icon below!