Rainbow Sentences chosen as Top Grammar App by FunEducationalApps.com

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I’m really excited about this review.  FunEducationalApps.com is a website that is dedicated to finding the best educational apps on iTunes.  They look at hundreds of educational apps every month, and pick 2 or 3 as top apps that they recommend.  They reviewed our Rainbow Sentences language and grammar app and they named it a top grammar app on iTunes.  The author writes:

Rainbow Sentences offers a high level of customization. Fun Educational Apps really liked the use of colors codes to help identify each group. It allows beginners to learn and identify each group. The app allows you to adjust the settings and adjust according to your kids levels.

Overall, Rainbow Sentences is a very well designed learning app. It is very easy to use, offers a high level of customization to cater for many different levels. It supports, engages and motivates children. A must have learning app joining Fun Educational Apps – TOP Picks list! ideal to use at home, in the classroom or within a home-schooling program.

 We are honored that they thought so highly of Rainbow Sentences that they included it in their top picks list!!  To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and purchase it on iTunes, tap on the icon below!