PrepositionBuilder Review on TeachersWithApps

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Teachers with Apps is a review site whose mission is to find the very best educational apps on iTunes.  I really like these folks because they really go through each app carefully to find the pros and cons.  They recently did a review of PrepositionBuilder.  They write:

This is sheer genius, as the understanding of the importance of these little words is magnified for the viewer and profound learning takes place. Understanding Deep Learning – The Indicators of Deep and Profound Learning.

We encourage all parents, teachers, and speech pathologist to jump on board with this app! Preposition Builder addresses fundamental language skills that need to be mastered by all learners. For the sophistication of this app, the price is an absolute BARGAIN! Buy this app!

It’s nice to see them recognize that PrepositionBuilder is a useful app for both special needs and mainstream kids.

To find out more about PrepositionBuilder and purchase it on iTunes, tap the icon below!