New Speech Therapy Apps Reviews!

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We have a number of new reviews of our speech therapy apps to share.

The first review by Peachy Speech is about our Speech Journal app.  Speech Journal is my most versatile app, you can use is to create just about any speech activity you can think of.  In this very positive review, the author describes the app and all of things she has used it for in therapy.

The next review was written by SLP In Between, and she writes about our Rainbow Sentences grammar app.  Rainbow Sentences teaches proper sentence formation with color coded visual cues.  What is interesting about this review is that the author speaks of other SLP’s in her district that have used Rainbow Sentences and had their students have measurable improvement.  It’s always nice to have data to support what we are saying an app will do.

The last new review was done by Kristine Lamb of Live Love Speech.  Kristine is a elementary school speech pathologist.  This is her first review of any of our apps.  She takes on ConversationBuilder.  She goes over how to use the app and talks a little bit about how much her students liked it.

To find out more about Speech Journal, Rainbow Sentences and ConversationBuilder, tap on the icon below!

Speech Journal, Rainbow Sentences and ConversationBuilder are part of our award winning suite of education apps.  Mobile Education Store has won over 50 app awards and has been named education app developer of the year in both 2011 and 2012.

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