Another fantastic review of TenseBuilder

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Wow – the reviews of our TenseBuilder grammar app are coming fast and furious now.  TenseBuilder is designed to help kids identify the transitions between the future, the present and the past tense by taking kids through an entire timeline with movie quality animations.  These animations allow us to tackle the difficult verbs like become, do, go, etc.  Verbs that a lot of kids, on the spectrum or not, struggle with.

It is really gratifying that so many people like what I have done.  And they haven’t even seen version 1.1 will all the enhancements (about 2 weeks away)!  This review of TenseBuilder was written by Mandy Nite, who is a passionate about finding the best apps for special needs kids.  Thank you Mandy for your kind words!

To find out more about TenseBuilder and see a video of it in action, tap on the icon below!

Tense Builder Grammar iPad App.