ConversationBuilder is a one-of-a-kind app!

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I like this review of our ConversationBuilder social modeling app by  The author describes the app in a lot of detail and it is obvious that she has spent quite a bit of time playing with it.  She writes:

Conversation Builder is one of those apps I appreciate more every time I use it. The ability to customize the app to the students’ needs makes it extraordinarily effective. Students gain experience in reading, enunciating, controlling the volume of their voice, and interacting in conversations. The ability to either respond to the iPad or to use the app in a group setting provides a valuable path for transitioning skills to everyday situations. The pictures are interesting and the variety of children featured in them helps keep students interested in the conversations.

By serving as a conversation simulator, the highly-customizable Conversation Builder is a one-of-a-kind app that is extraordinarily effective in helping students develop and practice conversation skills.

I love hearing about these real world success stories using my apps.  For more information about ConversationBuilder and to purchase it on iTunes, tap on the icon below.