This app is the best one yet!

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Nice Review of ConversationBuilder social skills app by a SLP.

Diana Zimmerman – MS CCC-SLP writes:

This app is the best one yet!  I have used it with a few students with ASD along with students with language impairments.  I used it mostly with grades 1-2, but also tried it with some high school students.  The high school students liked it just as much as the little ones did! This app is helpful for many of my students and THEY LOVE USING THE APP!  They love to listen to their own voices.  Even more, they love that someone is having a conversation with them! One student said “is that real?”  I love all the different photo themes.  I find this app helpful for general vocabulary as well as conversation skills.  I even find it useful for my students with articulation impairments who are working on sentence production.  the different levels are helpful.  some students need the multiple choices of level one.  Other students are ready for open-ended conversation turns.  Is it so interesting to compare the responses of my students with ASD to students who do not have difficulty with conversation.  I will definitely be using this app often!

To find out more about ConversationBuilder or purchase it on iTunes, tap on the link below!


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Marilyn bosworth,slp

Comment left on: June 4th, 2011 at 2:41 pm

I have been using the sentence builder with ny autism self contained class. They love the silly reinforcers that jump up. I will set up the sentence quickly so they only have one or two choices. Too many is discouraging. They are in 2ndto 4thgrade. I have Story ?Builder. They love hearing their own voices. Prpositional con celts would be a good addition. Can their results be kept? Thanks for helping our kids,


Comment left on: June 4th, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Thanks for your kind words. I just updated SentenceBuilder so that you have multi-user support. Each student gets their own archive page. You can’t email the results yet, but that is coming!

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