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Today’s post is all about our ConversationBuilderTeen conversation app.  Over the last 2 weeks, there have been no less than 5 reviews written about ConversationBuilderTeen.  As you will read, all are very positive.  It is such a thrill to be receiving so much positive feedback.  I worked on this app for over 18 months, and after putting that much heart and soul into it, it’s a thrill to know that so many kids are benefiting from it.

ConversationBuilderTeen is a virtual conversation simulator designed specifically for teenaged kids. At it’s core, it helps kids understand pragmatic language and how the back and forth flow of conversations works.    What makes ConversationBuilderTeen so powerful is that students are not passive participants in the conversation, they are actively engaged in them.  They listen to what others say and then they get to record their answers.    Because we are re-creating a real conversation for the students, they gain a deeper understanding of how conversations are supposed to flow.  In the end, they get to hear themselves have a real conversation, with all the wrong answers and wrong tone stripped away.  They hear themselves have a conversation in real time as it is supposed to sound.  Not only is this incredibly motivating for the students, but it teaches them the basics of pragmatic language in a way that they can rapidly understand.  ConversationBuilder has over 300 conversations broken into 8 themes.  We cover all the normal teen obsessions like sports, summer, and entertainment, but we also cover all the unpleasant things teen must deal with such as bullying, peer pressure and relationships.

The first review appears in the award winning blog Public School SLP.  Her review gives a quick rundown of how she is using the app.  She also mentions how much her high school students are enjoying it.

This review was written by the iMums.  This award winning blog site has an international reach, with contributors from the United States, Australia, UK and Singapore.

BridgingApps is affiliated with Easter Seals.  They do a fantastic job with their reviews not just because of the review itself, but they also have tabs on their reviews to show different things.  There is a skills tap which lists several skills and the age range the app is appropriate for.  They have an attributes sections that lists all the different issues the app address.  They give you a LOT of information without overwhelming you with a 20 page review.

The last review is from Apps for Homeschooling, one of the leading websites for homeschooling parents.  Their reviews always give an interesting perspective as they come from stay at home parents rather than educators.

We thank all of these reviewers for their time and kind words!

To find out more about ConversationBuilderTeen and our other award winning education apps, tap on the icon below.

ConversationBuilderTeen pragmatic speech app

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Diane Brown

Comment left on: March 8th, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Does the Conversation Builder for teens app have a written manual that I can access? I just purchased the app and am actually doing a review of it for my graduate program in autism theory and practice course. If would be great to have a list of references or instructions on the app to better evaluate the tool. Thank you.

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