Why I Do What I Do

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I received this message a couple of days ago from a SLP who has been using our Speech Journal speech therapy app.  She has been having so much success with one of her clients that his parents are going out to buy an iPad specifically to play this one app.  Here is the text of here message:

My student is a Junior High young man, getting ready for high school. He is essentially non-verbal.  He uses an IPOD with Prologue to Go for typing his communication.  He basically communicates with it, when he is asked to do so. The amazing thing about Speech Journal is, he learned that by taking a picture, describing it with his IPOD typing, recording and playing back the response……….he was “TALKING”  So essentially, the process clicked for him.  He saw that communication is fun!!  The teachers and parents who have known him for a long time were thrilled to see spontaneous, meaningful, purposeful communication.

He took a picture of my car keys and typed in “keys, lock, unlock”.

He went home and typed I want toast and I want milk!

So my thanks to you for providing an essential piece to this whole process of communication……..it needs to be fun and rewarding!

It is this kind of message that keeps me creating new apps.  It’s hard to describe the feeling knowing that something you have created is helping a child in such a profound way.

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